Redbox promo codes

Looking for new Redbox promo codes? For April 2017? Looking for 25% off ones? For $1/2 off ones?

New codes & deals:

Sms deal: Sms/text MOVIENIGHT to 727272 in order to get a Free RENTAL code in October 2016.
Expires 30 April 2017.

Sms deal: Sms/text MOVIE to 727272 in order to get a Free RENTAL code in December 2015.
Expires 30 April 2017.

Get $0.50 OFF select movie rental (for the first day).

Working for sure: DVDONME BREAKROOM + MCPC413S  at your local kiosk only. Worked for you?
Expires 30 April 2017.

More ways to get Redbox promo codes:

  1. Get free code to refer a friend.
  2. Get a new Free Rental code. New users only!

Free Movie rental on 1th May 2017: Text DEALS to 727272Friday – 1th May 2017 you will get a Redbox code for a free one-night movie rental.
Like this article on Facebook if you get the code. It’s the Redbox text service. You should get free codes for 50 cents off every weekend. Use Google Voice if you don’t have free texting on your smartphone.


More codes & deals:

DVDONME – a free Redbox rental code. It’s good only for free one day DVD rental. Can be used once/credit card.
Return your movies/rentals before 9pm + SIGN Up to Text Club (get a new Redbox code every Monday). Codes are unique and can’t be shared. Data rates might apply.

Black Friday deal: First 250 customers that make a purchase at Walgreens (only on Thanksgiving Day) get a FREE DVD rental code. Only on 22 November 2012.

BREAKROOM – another free Redbox code. Can be used once/credit card.
Get a free Movie NIGHT (if you refer a friend). Codes expires in 30 days.

MOVIETIME – another free Redbox promo code.

JINGLE – another free Redbox movie code for one night.

DVDONUS – another free Redbox code.

WALGREENS – new Redbox promo code. This one is really used so it works.

REDBOX – should work for new Redbox clients only.

SMS PLAY to 727272 -> get one free night video game rental. They offer coupons/promo codes for PS3. They also offer promo codes for 360 Xbox. Have one at home?


Redbox promo codes/by location:

DVDATSONI – should work in Sonic Locations. Only one/credit card.

DVDATWAL – this one should work at Walgreens. Let me know if it does. Should work at Walmart too.

SPEEDY – don’t know if this code still works. I used it last time at Speedway.

DRIVEIN – should work only at Sonic.

DVDATMAC – my favorite – worked at Mcdonalds last time I tried.

REDBOXHEB – this one should work at Heb. This code DVDONHEB should also work on HEB.

DVDATKROGER – should work at Kroger.

DVDKROG – should work at Kroger.


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  1. Ray Kenyon says:

    I received an email from RedBox regarding Birthday Gift Free Movie, however when I tried to click on the link. It wouldn’t work. I tried several times.

    Please help me.

    Ray Kenyon

  2. Ray, The promo code for that one is BIRTHDAY <

  3. Monica Jones says:

    @Ray Kenyon You could always try to text GAMEKIDS to 727272 to get a free Redbox code 2013 🙂 for video rental.

    Hope it works for you!

  4. Just tried the PANDORA text, it has expired

  5. Monica Jones says:

    Hi @Mick. Pandora doesn’t work any more (it expired on 8 January 2013). You can now try to text GAMEKIDS to 727272 to get a free video rental for Redbox until 31 January 2013.

    Hope it works for you. If you need to comment back, feel free to do it.

    For others – please leave me comments and I will do my best to help you out.

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