Hometown Buffet coupons

Looking for new Hometown Buffet coupons? Looking for Kid’s eat for Free deals?

Get Old Country Buffet Kids eat for free printable coupon.
Expired 1 January 2014.
I love the printable coupon better, because this coupon is not only for Hometown Buffet, but also for Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s and Country Buffet.

Get Hometown Buffet Kids eat for free printable coupon.
Expired 1 January 2014.
Print your coupon and with an adult purchase you will get a free meal for your kid. Super cool, right?
Only for 2 children/one adult. No more.

Get Kids eat for free coupon – Write to Santa.
Expired 28 February 2013.


Join their Hometown Buffet club for more coupons. Find a restaurant near you, eat and be happy.

Be back in May 2017. They should release new coupons soon, mosty kids eat for free coupons and $3 off coupons.

New coupons:


  1. I really wanted to get a free dinner. Your website is exactly what I was searching for. Thanks!
    I also love those coupons that expire in March 2013 (awesome!!).

  2. Monica Jones says:

    Thanks @Violet. Always be back here to get more printable coupons.
    We update our website daily and make sure you get the latest coupons easy!

  3. I used the text one today and they took it, thanks a lot.

  4. I tried the text one today and got a message back saying it was sent to an invalid number. Maybe you have to have a smart phone to use this one?

  5. Monica Jones says:

    @Keri Maybe it doesn’t work any more. I’ll check it out!

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